Then I shall know fully

Never stop learning. For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.

"If your activism involves turning over tables and then leaving them there for minimum wage workers to clean up, please rethink. If your feminism involves “breaking glass ceilings” and leaving other women to sweep up the glass, stop."

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tbh I’m really glad this post is taking over my dash. more ppl need to have this concept on their radar… if I had a quarter for every time I had to listen to some brogressive or manarchist or Feminist talk about how to steal groceries or whatever while throwing the low-wage workers held responsible for product loss under the bus and straight up saying they “didn’t care” bc “punishing corporations” and “refusing to pay for resources” that they COULD pay for, in order to make a point, was more important to them than low wage workers who are collateral damage.

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Since I’m always wary of these turning into “breaking the rules is always bad”, posts, shoutout to my grocery store coworkers, who worked as slowly as possible, because working quickly led to unreasonable expectations for people on other shifts - people who might not be as young or able-bodied. Shoutout to my grocery store workers who put the unsalable but edible vegetables in a part of the back room not covered by cameras, those kept me alive. Shoutout to my coworkers in the deli who gave away as many “samples” as they could get away with, who labeled fried chicken buckets wrong, so people could pay for some hot food with food stamps. Shout out to that look that passed between us when we caught each other eating in the back room, and how we were suddenly friendly afterwards, cos we were both complicit. Shout out to the people who arranged for the used grease to be turned into fuel, the day old bakery and sell-by date meat to go to a food pantry, all against the rules. Shoutout to my cashiers who looked the other way as people as poor as we were stuffed their jackets full of things they needed.

(the universe runs on people breaking the rules)

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Shout out to every cafe worker that gave me ‘unsellable’ sandwiches, magically found me free drink coupons, especially shout out to the Crouch End S’bux in my home town who let me bathe in their bathroom before opening hours and sold me half price tea.

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i don’t understand why people aren’t interested in astronomy

like you can look up into the night sky and see a fucking galaxy with your naked eye like you can see cosmic structures that are millions of light years across and if you don’t think that’s the coolest fucking shit then iono what to tell you

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Glitter is not glitter. It has never been glitter. It is thousands of tiny, shimmering demons which grasp tight to all surfaces for fear of the winds of change. They are probably harmless.

*sits down and quietly ponders the existence of glitter demons*


well hi there supernatural

this is something I can get behind

demons…. or angels?

or… Godself?

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Maybe we could be the start of something


are people becoming more annoying or am i becoming more angry

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who is this bitch reporter

this reporter is the stupidest woman ive ever heard in my life

fuuucking ignorant & insulting. ARGH >:OOOO

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